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Three coworkers candidly discuss their current nerdy obsessions, observations, aggravations, and appreciations.

It’s amateur therapy for professional nerds.



Episode 9: Culture Happens When I’m Not Here

The Trio discusses their obsessions this week. Holmes likes DM’ing D&D. Mark likes to create things and wishes he could create more. The Trio expound upon the creation process, choosing to create, and not being afraid to put your work out there while also making it for yourself. Walker finds a pocket of subculture and calls it his home.

Three full-fledged dingbats talk about the vibrant world of cartoons. One audio file full of discussion, screams, and elaboration.

Two words: APE TIME



Episode 6: The Promised Neverland

Ohayo! The three monkies careen off the rails in their carts as they review their first anime: The Promised Neverland in this spicy monday episode.

We will be taking a two week hiatus from episodes!!!

Rated: MM for Mature Monkies

New Show coming soon!