Mark Landon

Founder, editor and all Amerikan mutt.

He’s anxious, impatient and filled with a fierce need to create.

Howl at him: @LordiusM

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M.T. Walker

Professional Computer Nerd and Audio/Video Editor.

He’s neurotic, obsessive, and surrounded by the glow of monitors.

Yell at him: @MTWlkr


Justin Holmes

Graphic designer, growing cinematographer, and avid storyteller.

He’s animated, talkative, and not as funny as he thinks.

Bark at him: @shutupholmes



Wannabe music producer, indie movie maker, and editor.

He’s unconventional, deranged, and has no volume control.

Question his life choices: @grizzlystation


C. Holiday-Rubi

Aspiring artist, all around graphic design wizard, professional David Byrne dance recreator, unchained stupidity combined with no filter.

Look at him wrong and pray for the best.

Complain about him: @crenando